People who are suffering from Acne are many. However, it is impossible to statistically measure how many people are suffering from it. The only way to do that, will be studying how many medicines purchased from various manufacturers. The medicines to focuses on are the ones that are related to curing Acne. Even then, it will not be accurate, because some medicines treats different diseases. However, there are different things that can help to determine the statistic of how many people Acne affected. This will contribute to the knowledge about how common it is for people to suffer from Acne.

Dermatologists, those who are skin specialists have concluded that approximately three-quarter of everyone who are in the age range between 11 and 30 years of age will get acne at some time. The skin specialists have make use of different resources to come to this conclusion. There is no such thing as race or age for Acne. It have the potential of affecting people of all races and their ages. However, it is a skin disease that have the power to commonly affect adolescents and young adults. It does not stop the Acne from affecting people that are in their fifties.

The Brown University, USA have make a study that concluded that about 17 million Americans have been estimated to suffer from acne at least once. Some people suffer from the disease more than once. This is because no one have any knowledge about when acne develops again. It is true that acne affects men and women. However, young men suffer from acne longer than women. This is probably because men’s testosterone. This is something that is in higher quantities in young men. This is something that can make acne worse. There are different things that contribute to how common acne affects the human skin.

In other to keep it simple, it is wrong to narrow the fact that it is only doing puberty that people can get affected by acne. This is because, the affection of acne is extended to it affecting newborns. However, it is only when their mothers have pass hormones to them, just before they are delivered. It is possible to argue that acne appear when stress of birth is what causes the baby’s body to release hormones on its own. It is also possible for young children and even older adults to get the acne affection.